Junk Foods and Junk Moods: Stop Craving and Start Living
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Is your relationship with food out of balance or all consuming? Do you faithfully diet with disappointing results? Does something inside you sabotage your best efforts around healthy living? Do you feed yourself with "junky thoughts" about being fat, unworthy, or undisciplined?
Lindsey Smith, Certified Health Coach and recovering emotional eater, can show you a better way--one that relieves the burden of self- denial and invites both joy and health back into your life. 
You'll learn how to do the following:
* Stop focusing on food as your sole nutrient 
* Treat your body like a lab to understand what you really crave 
* Identify and satisfy deep needs in body, mind, and spirit 
* Nourish yourself with a positive mindset 
* Make manageable steps into a healthy lifestyle
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