Joyce Maynard's life with her new soulmate in 'The Best Of Us'
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Not everyone finds a soulmate right away, and when they do, they might be well past middle age. That’s what happened to author Joyce Maynard. 
She found her soulmate when she was sixty years old. 
Even then, Joyce wasn’t certain that he was the right man for her. At the time she met him, she was actually dating another guy. But she met Jim on, and they talked on the phone before agreeing to meet for dinner.
But finding your soulmate doesn’t automatically mean you live happily ever after, as Joyce found out. She had been living independently for twenty-five years after a divorce, enjoying life as an author, lecturer, and traveler. Joyce lived life to the fullest, to say the least. As with any new relationship, Joyce and Jim experienced some rough spots, and at the same time, still had fun and lived their lives to the fullest.
Making their relationship more complicated were Jim’s children, who weren’t quite sure about the new relationship they found their father in. Luckily for Joyce, her own children were much more accepting of her new-found love. The next year they married in New Hampshire before moving to Oakland. Jim had a job as a lawyer, and the two continued to explore life with everything from traveling to concerts.
A year later the couple received horrific news: Jim had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancers a person can have. They spent all their time trying to find the right oncologist to treat Jim and a surgeon to remove the tumor. It was during this time that Joyce said she learned what her marriage really meant. She immersed herself in taking care of Jim and helping him through his treatments.
With such a strong marriage, full of ups and downs, it’s no surprise that Joyce dedicates her book to Jim. Joyce pulls the reader into the book with her spectacular writing, giving you a glimpse into a window of their lives as you watch their marriage evolve. 
It becomes very clear that Joyce loves Jim beyond what any words can express. But Joyce paints such a vivid picture for the reader that the book is almost impossible to put down. I finished reading it in only a few days. The book details the work that Joyce put into caring for Jim as he fought his pancreatic cancer. 
They spent endless amounts of time in hospitals, support groups, doctor’s offices, and just trying to keep life as normal as possible. This book is a true treasure because it shows that the human spirit always endures.
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