Jambanz 2.0 Grape Sonic Boom- Wearable, Portable, Bluetooth 4.0
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New Jambanz 2.0 features Bluetooth 4.0 with extended range of up to 200ft
New Bluetooth 4.0 uses "Low Energy" which is marketed as "Bluetooth Smart". This means our internal Lithium-Ion battery will now last longer, giving you more listening time before recharging (Up to 4 hours of continuous play)
New Jambanz 2.0 features a built-in microphone that allows to you answer smartphone calls over the speakerphone by simply pressing the power button once to answer. You can wear your music on your arm, or "slap" it on a bicycle, scooter, bedpost, desk lamp, or musical instrument.
New Jambanz 2.0 features improved sound and new colors and styles. Jambanz 2.0 is now the world's smallest most powerful, wearable speaker on the market.
JambanzTM is designed to be easy to charge and to play. JambanzTM is a great alternative to wearing headphones, which can cause hearing damage and distract from surrounding dangers
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