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The book is a romance novel that combines love episodes and domestic violence. The tale concludes by proving that those things that happened long ago in our life tend to end with us. It is a strong book detailing disturbing relationships that create a lot of emotional agonies.
Lily was brought up in a small town in Maine where she attended college. She later moved to Boston to start her business of selling flowers. Before starting the business she had met a surgeon by the name Ryle Kincaid and they fell in love.
They met each other on the rooftop of a Boston building when both of them were on some sad situations. Ryle had lost a patient and Lilly was attending the funeral of her abusive father. The book narrates how Lily’s father was physically abusive to her mother, a fact which was to follow her in her present situation.
We get to learn about Ryle’s character. He is stubborn, assertive, arrogant and prone to angry moments. Ryle's sister who later becomes an employee of Lily tries to give her a hint. It is apparent that he has an attitude towards relationship for reasons that do not come out clearly. Maybe the attitude is brought about by previous experiences. At this point, we learn that Lily is an exception for Ryle as he loves her.
The story continues and what Lily used to fear about starts to manifest itself. Ryle’s shortcomings come out clearly when his anger shows plainly and he becomes abusive. At some point, details of physical abuse get out of hand as he pushes and shoves her. It is too much for Lily whose memory goes back to her teenage days and to her boyfriend Atlas. The final blow is when Ryle discovers Lily’s old diaries with the earlier love details. He becomes extremely abusive, harms and tries to rape her. She is at this point pregnant with his baby. She gets into contact with Atlas and is torn between him and Ryle. After getting a confession from Ryle, how he accidentally shot his brother during childhood, she takes the final decision of divorce.
The author note gives an insight as to the title of the story. She shares her childhood experience of her parent’s domestic problems. The father was often physically abusive to her mother leading to a divorce. The story is a confession that those things that happen to people close to us can end with us. The book also exposes the writing talents of Colleen Hoover.
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