Is Giving Money to Beggars Wrong?

We can often encounter beggars or panhandlers in the street. Many people ask for money, which can be especially prevalent in some cities or places. This can often lead to a crisis of conscience. We see people who are clearly in a bad place in their lives and who ask us for help. On one hand, giving them money seems like a way to help, but, on the other hand, we may wonder whether giving money to beggars actually helps. Let's take a look at whether giving money to beggars is wrong. 
Giving money to people on the street can help us feel better about ourselves for a bit. It makes us feel like we did something in response to a need. However, it doesn't seem to be very helpful on the long run. Studies show that giving people change doesn't really affect their situation. If you want to make a difference in the lives of homeless people, you are better off donating a set amount of your income to reliable and trustworthy charities. 
A common objection to giving money on the street is that people often won't use it for something like food or that some people are essentially running a scam by asking for gas money or for change for a bus. This can be true in some cases, and can leave you feeling cheated if you give money to someone who will misuse it. 
Does this mean that you should never give money on the street? Not really. Sometimes, it can be an act of empathy or kindness, especially if you feel that you are giving because you want to rather than because you feel guilty. It can be a way to intervene, although you need to be aware that it won't really make a difference beyond being a small way to show empathy. 
In conclusion, giving money does not make a real difference, though it's not something to feel guilty about. If you want to help, focus on donating money to trustworthy charities that can change the living conditions for homeless people. 
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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