In the past, getting married young was quite normal. In fact, most people would get married by age 23 or even younger. However, times have really changed and with women getting more independent, most people prefer being absolutely sure before making the big step. Also, the life expectancy nowadays is longer and there’s really no hurry for young couples to get hitched as was the case before. That said, is 24 too young to get married or are people just making a fuss about age? Let’s have a look.
The Legal Aspect:
In almost every state, 24 is way past the legal marriage age meaning one can get married if he or she so wishes. Almost every state allows couples over 18 to get hitched – with the exception of Mississippi 21 and Nebraska 19. Therefore, you can get married at 24 but does that mean you should?
More than Just Age:
Unlike before when women used to get hitched because of their role in society, most women nowadays don’t rely on men to support them financially and hence, wait longer before making the big step. In a nutshell, marriage nowadays has found its true meaning which is companionship and love.
You may be in your early 20’s but stable enough – both mentally and financially – to cater for the needs of a family or on the flipside, still getting an education. In the latter scenario, getting hitched wouldn’t be a good idea from whichever aspect you choose to look at it from.
The Downside of Getting Married Too Young:
If you are thinking about getting married at a young age as a man, there are some valid questions you should ask yourself. For instance, am I mature enough to handle the dire challenges pegged to raising a family? Is it what I really want for the rest of my life? In a nutshell, it’s worth noting that marriage is more than just about age, love or any single factor by itself.
Rather, it’s about maturity, compatibility and stability just to name a few. Don’t let the glamour or hype sway you into making the big step. Besides, it is bound to tie you for the rest of your life.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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