iPhone 7 Plus Red Hand-on: an exotic and rough velvet red similar to the matte black

It was a surprise that this year Apple released a red edition of iPhone for the first time in the history of the company. The feeling when we first held this red edition was similar to that of the golden and pink editions back then, it was oddly exciting. Apple is still the same, and the color red of iPhone 7 Plus is exquisite. Every different angle gives a different tone of red because of the lighting. That is why every photo gives a different shade.
(Product) RED is a term that is used to name the products that Apple released in order to raise fund for the HIV/AIDS Prevention Fund named RED. That is why these products are red. We had red iPod and red Apple Watch before, but this is the first time they brought the color red onto the iPhone. The specifications and design are not different from the standard 7 Plus, but there will only be 2 storage choices: 128GB and 256GB. This edition is not limited.
The iPhone 7 Plus RED has a very natural red tone, the shade of red that you see every day. Under the sunlight, if we tilt our view from the lit side for a little bit, it becomes velvet red, but when we look straight in the lit side, it becomes a fresher red. Even when we held it on our hands and spin it around, these red tones would rotate. Because of a perfected surface similar to the iPhone 7 Plus matte black, the color red is matte, not glossy. Also, because of that, there won’t be much fingerprinting on the phone.
Even though the back side is red, if you pay close attention, you will realize that the rim around the Home button, the Lightning gate, and the Apple logo aren’t. Personally, I think it’s pretty much a result of Apple taking the iPhone Plus 7 Silver and giving it a paint job for the back side because, traditionally, RED editions should have red Home button and Apple logo. However, that is only my personal opinion. There are many comments stating that the iPhone 7 Plus Red would look better with a black front, but Apple wouldn’t do that normally. All colored editions of iPhone would have a white front. Whoever wants a black front could purchase the phone and then replace its front with a black screen.
Well, there is only a color difference so I won’t elaborate too much. Enjoy the images!
Source : Tinhte.vn 
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