International Construction Contract Management: A Compendium of Knowledge
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"International Construction Contract Management" is a comprehensive, easy to understand and practical reference book for construction professionals working on overseas projects. Written by Bryan Morgan, a surveyor and contract claims consultant with over 40 years' experience of construction contract and claims-related management from around the world, this book has been designed specifically to help in overcoming the day-to-day contractual problems encountered in the field. "International Construction Contract Management" acknowledges that the management of projects is frequently problematic because they are rarely comprised of straightforward buildings or procured under standard forms of contract. Based on case histories from around the globe, the book serves as an invaluable general guide to current interpretations under Common Law, Civil Code rules and customary trade and industrial practices. It clarifies terms and points of law to offer guidance that can be applied in most situations, helping the reader to resolve problems quickly and without outside assistance or resorting to expensive litigation. Organised topic by topic in alphabetical order and supplemented by sample forms and checklists, "International Construction Contract Management" will be of use to architects, engineers, project managers, contract managers, claims consultants, quantity surveyors, contract administrators and contract engineers.

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