I am inspired by Sadhguru’s capacity for joy, his exuberance for life, and the depth and breadth of his curiosity and knowledge.Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, is filled with moments of wonder, awe, and intellectual challenge. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in self-transformation.Sadhguru, the author, tells the story of his own awakening, from a boy with an unusual affinity for the natural world to a young daredevil who crossed the Indian continent on his motorcycle. He relates the moment of his enlightenment on a mountaintop in southern India, where time stood still and he emerged radically changed. He believes that living joyfully is not “magical” but can be done systematically, like an engineering problem. He has written the book in two parts–first, he describes the landscape and then he lays out a route on how to get there.

Sadhguru is also the founder of Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which has been dedicated to the wellbeing of the individual and the world for the past three decades.

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