How Will I Face Dad, Now That He Knows My Secrets

When I was growing up my Dad would always say. “Baby girl you can tell me anything, you don’t need to worry, I could never get mad at you. I love you so much you are so special to me.” And I would sit on his knee and tell him about all the things that happened to me every day. But the days turned into months and then years. And as I grew up, my life changed. 
There were things I didn’t want him to know about. I thought he would be angry if he knew about my new way of thinking, so I started keeping secrets. I didn’t sit on his knee anymore, and even though we still talked a lot, I didn’t tell him everything. I knew all about his values and I knew he would not approve of my thoughts. I didn’t want to spoil our relationship, so I wrote my thoughts in a journal and thought he would never find out about them.
But he read my journal and started asking me questions about the things he saw in it. I feel so betrayed, how could he invade my privacy like that? I wondered. 
And now that he knows all of my secret thoughts and all that I am planning to do. I can’t talk to him anymore, he won’t understand that the world has changed and his values are out dated. People don’t live like that anymore and I need to do the things that I will be happy about.
I didn’t want my friends to laugh at me, when I tell them about my Dad and his old fashioned values. They didn’t care about values, they were doing what made them happy and I wanted to live just like them. 
How would my Dad understand? His generation was different, he can never understand modern life and I could not expect him to understand, how I was feeling when I wrote in my journal.
I didn’t think he would have read it, and now that he invaded my privacy, I don’t want to talk about it. I am not his little girl anymore and I am old enough to make my own choices. So I will keep on avoiding him, I will leave the home early and stay out until it is late. I hope he will forget about the things he read after a while. 
I am upset that he read my secret thoughts. And I don’t know why he didn’t even ask my permission. I am so upset with him, and I don’t want to tell him what I think about what he did. Now our relationship will never be the same again, it has been destroyed. I don’t know how to get him to understand that everything has changed and it is time for us to change too. 
I don’t want to be left behind because of his old fashioned way of thinking I want to do things in the modern way. He might be my Dad, but I am a old enough to make my own decisions now.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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