How to Wind Down at the End of Every Day

Before heading to bed each evening it is important to give my body and mind a "cool down" period. I must take care of the "baggage" that the activities of the day have built up of if I expect to be able to sleep peacefully. There are four areas of my life that I must address every night before I can expect to close my eyes and fall asleep. I must pay attention to my emotional state, my physical body, my mental state and my spiritual state.
My Emotional State
Every day I have emotional highs and emotional lows. Sometimes there is an abundance of positive emotions like joy, passion, and exhilaration. Other times there is an excessive amount of negative emotions such as sadness, anger, and frustration. My emotional state usually has to do with my relationships with people. Before I can relax I must let go of my emotions, both positive and negative; only then will I sleep at peace. Negative emotions will cause me anxiety while positive emotions can keep me wired and not restful. 
My Mental State
I think of my mind like the desktop screen on my computer. The more tabs I have open, the less I can focus on any one thing. As the evening approaches, I need to be intentional about shutting off my gadgets. I need to mentally file away the things that I have been thinking about throughout the day. If I have consumed a lot of information during the day, I need to stop thinking about those things a couple hours before getting in bed. That allows my brain to wind down.
My Physical State
If I have been sitting all day I try to go on a short walk to get my blood flowing through my muscles. If I have a sore back or my neck aches I will use a foam roller for a few minutes to work out the kinks. If I'm feeling ambitious I will do a small stretching routine and focus on deep breathing.
My Spiritual State
I need to stay connected to God and give Him thanks for the day. Once I am in bed and the lights are off I like my final thoughts to be those of gratitude, appreciation, and dedication. 
It is important to take a realistic perspective as I look back on the ups and downs of the day. If I am not honest with myself then I am only adding anxiety that will have to deal with another time. It is no good to kick the can down the road. When I wrap up my day and lay everything to rest I will sleep deeper and sleep longer. This allows me to greet the new day with gladness.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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