How to Win the Heart of a Beautiful Woman

When a man spots a beautiful lady, it can be very intimidating especially if he likes her. Although it could be a hard task, you are supposed to build up your courage to face her without wasting a lot of time not to miss the chance. Normally, don’t fantasise about anything because you could get frustrated upon getting the real truth. 
To approach a beautiful for the first time, you need to have a strategy which could make you not only fun, attractive and wise but also charming and outstanding.
Gauge the situation to know whether you will talk to herThe first step is approaching the lady, introduce yourself and then start a conversation. This may appear simple but it entails a lot of factors that you should put into consideration to have the best shot of winning her heart. 
You should consider whether she is alone or in a group because this can make you waste your only chance. If she is alone and busy, you should probably wait for the opportune moment when she gets less busy a have a positive impression to win her attention. However, if she is in a group of other friends, you should consider the group dynamic. If you know any of the group members, you should use him/her to get into the group and introduce yourself. However if you don’t know any of the group members, you should wait for an opportune moment when you over hear a conversation and start contributing, introduce yourself and then talk about the activity your all involved in.
Getting her attentionWomen are emotional and you can just win her heart using little things or gestures. Here you’re supposed to be very cautious to avoid turning her off while thinking you are winning her. To get her attention, you can casually look into her direction from time to time while still avoiding to be creepy. When she looks back at you, give her a genuine smile; if she smiles back, it is an indication that she is open your approach.
After getting the green flag, you can go over to her and introduce yourself. When approaching her, you are supposed to be genuine, witty and engaging to avoid being boring. You can start off with simple questions to build up a conversation and a better impression. You should get your questions or pick-up lines from the situation both of you are at that specific moment.
For instance, if she is standing at the shore gazing to the ocean or sea vessels, you can walk up to her and ask her and say, ‘Do you come here often?’ If she responds positively, you can go ahead asking questions about her experience and the likes about the place to have a good impression. Be very attentive to her and before long you will have started off a conversation which would later turn out to knowing more about her after sometime.
While having the conversation, you are supposed to be genuine and original because women hate fakers or men who try to cram some scripts to win them. 
Treat her as you would wish to be treated or approached by a stranger. Because most people prefer having a genuine talk about themselves and not fantasies or people who tell lies. Introducing yourself can be the first line of your conversation but if you’ve already picked up the conversation, you can simply slip in your name in the conversation because it is polite to know each other. 
After you’ve known each other, you can ask her some genuine questions about her while paying attention to the answers she gives to avoid tipping her off.
Even though you had an amazing conversation, one of you will have to leave eventually after a period of time. As a man, you are supposed to be brave and make plans to see her again. You can do this by telling her how much you enjoyed talking to her and that you would love spending some more time with her for coffee or drink later. If she agrees to the proposal, ask for her phone number to make it easy for you to plan a rendezvous.
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