How to stop being hungry quickly when you're trying to lose weight

When you're trying hard to maintain your weight or stick to a perfect diet plan, but you’re struggling with constant hunger, and  it makes you become like a wolf. As being a girl, I’m very scared of gaining weight and this happened to me a bunch of times, especially when I just created and start a great diet plan. If you’re in the same situation and facing with this problems, take a minutes to think about it and logically ask yourself: “What makes me feel hungry all the time and how can I deal with this hunger?”

Here’s what you should follow when you want to open the fridge door..

Drink more water or tea.
Sometimes you feel hungry and want a snack but actually you are thirsty, and a cup of water will fill your stomach send signals to your brain that you're full. Always bring a bottle of water with you and grab it whenever you feel hungry. Hot coffee or tea are also good options. However, if you're trying to lose weight, stick to sugar-free options.
Take a minutes to do self scan.
When you think you’re hungry and really want to run into the kitchen, take a pause and ask yourself: “Do I really need to eat now?” Think about the diet plan that you’ve spent so much time to create it, convince yourself that a constant hunger is nothing important and find another activity to distract yourself with until your craving or desire to eat goes away.
Stop buying junk food or get away from them.
You can’t eat what you don’t buy, so The very simple way not to eat junk food is to stop buying them. Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, because when you’re hungry you have so many cravings going on and you’re not thinking straight. 
Find an exciting activity. 
It’s very common that you want to eat because you’re feeling bored. Let’s stop this bad habits by replace your boredom with an exciting activity such as: take a quick wake, talk with your friends, read an interesting books, listen to music...
Eat lots of vegetables and stick to healthy food.
If you’re really hungry so make sure that you’re always eating healthy food. Nuts, granola bars, fruits,... These are food with fiber and protein and they make you feel full and satisfied. Cut up some veggies and put them in a ziplock bag.
Brush your teeth.
Brushing your teeth is a very fast way to deal with your appetite in just a few short seconds. If you’re on your diet, you can brush your teeth a bit earlier before bedtime. Let’s do it at 8pm every night to make sure that you will not touch the fridge afterwards. 
Get enough sleep.
I’m usually hungry when I’m tired and really want to. Studies have demonstrated that people who are sleep deprived weigh more. When you are overtired your body may send you signals that it needs more energy in the form of food. So, be sure that you get enough sleep, it not only helps you to deal with hunger but also help your skin better and reduce stress.
Eat mindfully.
Your stomach also takes about 20 minutes to tell your brain that it’s full, which means that the faster you eat, the more you will overeat before your stomach has the chance to tell you to stop. Creating a mindful eating habit will make you become more aware with the hunger and help you be more logical about it, you will be able to distinguish whether it’s emotional hunger or physical hunger. A mindful eating also makes you enjoy the food more. 
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