How to know whether you've found the one

By Jade Seashell, author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”
          Maybe you have been dating for a while and now you are wondering whether the guy or girl that you’ve been seeing recently is the one or not, right?  This article will eliminate your doubt because I will show you how to tell if he/she is the one.
          * Do a values test together.  Next time you see each other, you can suggest that you two do a values test together.  There are many tests like this online, so you may want to do some homework and find the right test.  
The reason you need to do a values test together is because you should clarify your own values and know his/her values in order to see whether you two have the same values (or similar values).  At least, your values and his/her values should be compatible.  In the long term, you can only be with someone whose values that you can accept.  For instance, if you value security whereas your partner values adventure, that relationship is not sustainable.
        * The sexual chemistry has to be right.  In today’s day and age, many people choose their partners based on money, status, looks or even convenience.  However, if you ignore sexual chemistry, the risk is too high.  Therefore, make sure your partner and you can have a great time in the bedroom before making them your long-term partner.  Remember, if sex is right, it’s 30% of the relationship; if sex is wrong, it’s 99% of the relationship (because a relationship without sex is a friendship).
Jade Seashell is an Australian author, seduction expert and creativity adviser.  She regularly writes at
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