How To Keep Our Children Safe Online
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Your'e about to discover the skills on how to spots the signs of Internet Sexual Predators.Sexual Predators do exist and are a real threat to young vulnerable children. They target both young boys and girls and use the anonymity of the internet to their advantage since they can be whomever they want to be.. 

They are masters manipulators and use their skills to lure young children into meeting with them and having sexual relationships with them.They can cripple young children and any sense of their awareness.They create fake profiles and pictures and use slick ways to gain the child's trust and friendship.The internet is a worldwide network that stretches far beyond the grasp of the US Judicial system. Technology moves so fast it is so hard to keep up with the latest networks. 
My wish for you is that after reading this book you will be more aware of how to monitor your child's use of the internet and potentially spot suspicious activity. I am also providing resources that you use in case you do observe a possible predator. This will in turn protect your child or someone else's from a possible dangerous and deadly situation.

Here is a preview of what you will learn..

  • How to Recognize the Signs
  • Inappropriate Sites
  • Dangers of Phishing
  • Social Media
  • Parent Resources
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