How to Help Cultivate Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is something that children are powerful innovators of. Peek in your child’s room, and you just might find her on an imaginary adventure with her favorite toys. 
Aside from bringing a smile to your face, your child’s creativity can help her be more confident, develop her social skills, and be a better learner. That’s why the more you do to encourage her creativity, the better off she will be. Here are some suggestions for cultivating your child’s creativity.
1. Make a creative space
You don’t need a fancy play room. All that’s needed is an area that is designated to your child as a space to be creative in. Let your child have control over this space to create from building with blocks to playing dress up. 
2. Simplicity is key
Here’s where rigid rules don’t belong. It should be a calm area where anything goes. If your child wants to play a game but isn’t following the rules of it, resist the urge to control and let that creativity flow.
3. Allow for unstructured time
Yes, free time. Not every second of every day needs to be scheduled with activities and outings. Just let them play, and join in with them as well.
4. Ask engaging questions
When reading with your child, ask them questions about the story. For example, if you’re reading about a faraway place, ask them what things they think would be different there from your home. There is no right or wrong answer. Let them create one!
5. Expose them to new places
Bring your child to museums, libraries, and in outdoor environments. You don’t need to do this every day or to the point of overstimulation or exhaustion but showing them the world helps them engage every one of their senses which helps creativity flourish. 
6. Let them explore the things they love
Learn to recognize the things your child is interested in and help cultivate these activities. If she’s into art, give her the supplies she needs to be creative. If she likes writing, encourage her to do it and listen gleefully to the stories she dreams up. If she likes science, give her a science kit. Whatever it is she loves, be her number one fan.
7. Be creative yourself
We are the biggest influences in our children’s lives. When we sit and color with our children or build block houses with them. It provides bonding and fun, and encourages your child to enjoy that creative moment.
Want more ways to help motivate your child’s creativity?
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