How many cups of coffee a day can a person drink?

A recent study publised on Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that people under 55 years old who drink 28 cups of coffee per week (4 cups per day) will have higher index rates than people drink less than that amount. The data is analized by the team of researchers from a lifestyle survery of more than 45 thousand people whose age from 20 to 87 within 2 decades from 1979 to 1998
The scientists confirmed that it is difficult to determine the maximum caffeine limitation that a person is allowed to use per day because its effect to each person is completely different. It is also depended on gender, age, weight, life index rates and the level of sensitivity of that person towards stimulant
However, the record of maximum caffeine consumption is 100 gram. Kindly notice that it is 100 gram, not miligram and this amount of caffeine is equivalent to drinking 1200 cups of coffee. The scientists also warn that if the caffein intake level is close to that number, there still possibly contains the rish of death. 
According to FDA recommendation, people with high blood pressure, cardivascular disease and pregnant women should minimize the caffeine intake. If you are 55 years old or more, previous studies suggest that you should not drink more than 4 cups of coffee per day. For most of us, according to recent studies, the daily caffein intake should be from 200 to 400mg in order not to case any long-term health effects. If the daily caffein intake is more than 600mg, which equivalent to 7 cups of coffee, there will be unforseens effects 
If you have any following symptoms, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink, please quit
Easy to stimulate
Gastric reflux
Rapid heartbeat
Muscles vibration
If these symptomps continues or appears on frequent basic, please kindly consult doctors and then, there is possibility that you may need to switch to non-caffein drinks to avoid possible side-effects.
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