How Many Children are Best for Your Family?

When it comes to starting a family, many couples wonder how many children are best for making that family complete. For some, one child is enough, while for others having two, three or even more is just right. How do you decide on how many children to have? That depends on several factors.
Personal preferences
Some people come from big families while others come from small families. For people who grew up with many siblings, sometimes their desire to recreate this large family unit is what fuels their own decision to have many children. Others prefer to keep the family unit smaller. It’s all a matter of taste which can vary from person to person. Decide what you are comfortable with and go with it.
When it comes to the children, if you have one child, that child will be less social because they only have you as parents to rely on. With more than one child, they build a relationship with each other as well as with you. The more children you have, the more this multiplies, but it also creates a lot of competition for space, resources, and your attention. Are you able to devote your time to each child? That’s something to consider when planning for a larger family.
Perhaps the largest factor in deciding how many children to have is that of financials. Having children is very expensive. From the moment your child is conceived, you’ll need to think about medical bills for all checkups until the birth of your child. Then there’s the cost of delivering your child and bringing him into the world. And of course, there are all the costs that you can expect to pay over the years for this child from diapers to clothing and food to education. Most people don’t like to think about it, but what if your child has a condition or disability that must be attended to during his whole life? That will also make a financial impact on your family. That doesn’t mean it should stop you from having the children you wish to have, however you should be aware of how much money it takes to raise a child. If you plan on having more than one child, multiply accordingly.
There is no right answer when it comes to bringing children in this world that fits every family, so consider these factors when arriving at your decision. 
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