Holding a Nokia 3310 2017 on hand: light and compact, modern design, 1-month battery, $52

Nokia borrowed Steve Jobs “One More Thing” style to bring surprises to participants of their phone launch event in mwc17. And that really brought joy to the people attending the event as well as those who followed the event online. 
Obviously we have heard the leaking information that the 3310 model will be introduced, but the way that Nokia brings it out is really amazing. After 17 years, the super basic handset of Nokia is still super basic but looks more modern, and much smoother.
And after years of pressing and calling on the touch screen, then pressing on a 3310 again, I still find it fantastic of how one will feel confident, and the pressing down feeling, the response feeling when you press it is extremely practical. Obviously a lot of people still need a very basic handset like the 3310, but not many brands want to do it not any brands can make a cheap but a good experience phone as Nokia.
Nokia 3310 is made of plastic; the back cover is removable to replace the battery and sim card. The phone is rechargeable via the microUSB port (backwards compared to the previous circular port). The white and navy blue (the color resembles the older version) are completed in the form of translucence while yellow and red are gloss finish, can leaves your fingerprints on it.
The shape of the buttons is made to look more modern, more future. The above Black Screen section also looks very modern. Of course, the display screen inside is still square, size 2 "4 and low resolution. It is not clear what OS is used for this phone but from looking at how its symbols place, settings, profile, it seems that it is the old Symbian.
Compact in hand. After several years of holding Smartphone and especially big-screen Smartphone, now holding the Nokia 3310 makes you feel like liberated. Surely there are many people like me, sometimes find the connection is at the point of excess, such as email, messaging, social networking, chat, etc.
Basic number keyboard is basic in key position, in size, in the spaces between the keyboards as well as the way in which it responds. Currently we always press on a flat "inanimate" touch surface. But using this keyboard for messaging, if you text the correct Vietnamese diacritics, you will get your fingers broken ... Just kidding. 
Standby screen interface
The new snake game
Charging through MicroUSB port. Nokia does not make circular charging port because it is no longer popular as it used to. In terms of convenience when plugged in, the circular port is super old compared to MicroUSB port.
Source : Tinhte.vn
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