Here are the foods you should keep at room temperature

In principle, people retain much of their food in the refrigerator. This is a serious mistake because the cold sometimes accelerates the decomposition of food and can change their original taste, which is why it is important to keep them at room temperature.
Of course, many products need to be placed in refrigerator for better conservation. Nevertheless, it is our duty to inform us about these foods that can worsen in the fridge and lose their properties because of low temperatures. Here is a list of foods you should keep at room temperature:
The tomato
To prevent the tomatoes from losing flavor and becoming insipid, do not refrigerate. Their texture is degraded, and the cold makes them flourier because it breaks their inner membranes.
When you put them in the refrigerator, they become mealy. Starch they contain turns into sugars and flavor changes. It is advisable to store them in paper bags.
The bread
Many of us have bread in the refrigerator and it is a serious mistake. It ages more quickly and loses its taste because of the cold. Store it in a cool, dry, or cut it into slices and freeze it for later use.
Tropical fruits
These fruits get accustomed to warm climates and are not made to be kept refrigerated. Pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, avocado, banana, among others, should be stored at room temperature because the refrigerator accelerates their decay, prevents them from properly mature and alters their natural flavor.
Onion and garlic
When stored in the refrigerator, onion and garlic lose their beneficial properties. It is better to keep them in a dark, cool and dry, preferably in a canvas bag.
Dry cheese
Be careful with the type of cheese as some may be affected by the cold and lose their flavor. Dry cheeses such as Parmesan or similar do not need to be refrigerated because they become stale. To keep their entire flavor, place them in an airtight container and leave at room temperature.
Melons and peaches
Less than 10 degrees, melons, and peaches lose some of their sweetness and some of their properties, which are good for our health. It is advisable to let them blossom in the air.
Honey bee
Keep honey in a cold environment is a serious mistake. Honey, with its components and PH, you should store them in the air. If kept in the fridge, it tends to crystallize and loses many of its virtues.
Olive oil
Olive oil condenses in the fridge. It takes the form of butter and loses its flavor. Store it in a rather cool, dark place.
White film will form on chocolate and taste will change if you put it in the refrigerator. Better to keep it at room temperature and away from light. Also, avoid excessive temperatures.
The layer is also formed when stored in the fridge. Its taste and smell are then modified and altered. 
Foods like cereals, pasta, flour and sugar are made to be kept at room temperature. Otherwise, they lose their good properties, vitamins, flavor and texture.
Special hams
There are different types of hams, and some lose the "special" taste that characterizes them if stored in the refrigerator. Even if they are parts of the delicatessen family, "special" hams are made specifically to keep in the air.
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