Helicopter alarm clock lazy creative fun gifts to send her boyfriend
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I have recommended to buy the alarm, but she too noisy alarm clock. It seems that only the flying alarm clock for her: the top half will be buzzed off, and if there is no time to get up to catch it, is likely to fly out of the window and never come back. To enhance the effect, I am also ready to hang in under ten dollars, we all know that no girl willing to make Money fly away from his eyes.
1. Time display; 2. alarm clock function; 3. backlight; The alarm point, the alarm is able to take off at the same propeller; 5. You must pick up the propeller on a stand, and snap it into place, the alarm will stop ringing; 6. Alarm when not doing the propeller can play at any time when the aircraft;
World's top ten creative alarm clock paragraph 3, flying alarm clock: not time to seize, it will fly away, promising not shut your window! Someone often very earnestly asked me to wake her the next morning, so I just brought the baby Ji Maoxin sea, in order to complete the task would rather stay up all night, stayed up until half past six; but wake her, meet my meal swearword is it too good, once once, because of lack of experience too close, I'll give hammer directly fainted. More frightening is that the next night she actually gave me a nerve Ji Maoxin ...
Flying alarm clock you seen it? When the alarm goes off, it will rapidly rotating helicopter blades. When motivated, it will soar. Powerful enough power to make it soar into the sky. Then the alarm will be sounded, then you can peacefully sleep? Hurry aircraft climbs to come of it, you do not take off the plane back seat, the alarm will not stop, oh! ! Haha, the most irritating is that it also Snooze Oh, I do not know how many times you have to climb to get up for it? ? ? There are luminous LED screen feature allows you to see clearly at night time
Problem: alarm clock has started, after flying wing took off How do I stop the alarm sound? Answer: When the fly Yifei go, first flying wing base of the hole to retrieve the check back to the location, to the lower position, so stop the alarm sound. Note: Once the flight wing fly, press any key alarm clock can not stop the alarm sound, unless removed the battery, stop the alarm sound. Oh ~ wake up now! Question: Are the damaged wing fly my bedroom? Answer: No, flying wing flying alarm clock is a lightweight flexible plastic, flexible flight, when there is an obstacle in contact it will change course. Question: Flying wing is how to fly? Reply: Flying wing flight can fly around the clock about 1.2 meters above the ground. It's very unpredictable flight path. Disclaimer: Industrial Products Industrial slight scratches - it is normal - If the buyer of the product surface industry is very demanding - do not buy
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