Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Unboxing
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Harman Kardon has proven to be a market leader when it comes to the production of premium sound systems. With the Aura Studio 2, you can expect all the pros of the company and so much more. 
In this post, we will preview at some of the top features of the speaker system to get an insight of what to expect. The top features are:
The speaker supports wireless technology through Bluetooth connectivity. This will ensure that tangled wires are a thing of the past in addition to the convenience of playing music and other audios from a distance. As a result, you can conveniently connect to your PC or even to your mobile device.
3600 sound: 
Unlike with the majority of the audio systems available in the market, the sound is directed to a particular direction. As a result, it becomes necessary to have a range of speaker configurations to balance the sounds, but with the Aura Studio 2, this is a thing of the past. During the preview of the product, this was found to be quite effective.
Ambient lighting: 
One of the most exciting features of the Aura Studio 2 by Harman Kardon is the integration of ambient lighting to the speaker. This further brings a relaxing feeling to the user, especially when playing music in dark rooms. The lighting is done to match the music playing as well as the volume and leaves a spectacular view.
Iconic design and lightweight: 
The Aura Studio 2 features an iconic design that makes it a piece of art and this is something known about Harman Kardon especially in the recent past. The speaker is also lightweight thus making moving the speaker from on point to another an effortless task.
Amazing sound experience: 
In addition to the 3600 sound system, the speaker is quite powerful and with strong sound despite the small size. It also features a mic with noise cancellation, and this makes it possible for you to comfortably receive calls through the speaker.
Pic : Mainguyen
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