Hands-on preview of the Insta360 Nano 360-degree camera: attachable to iPhone, Android, Livestream on YouTube and Facebook

Insta360 Nano is a device for people who love recording videos and taking 360-degree photos in the quickest way possible. Most of the nowadays 360-degree cameras use WiFi to transfer date to phones, therefore, the task of controlling is a bit sluggish.
Insta360 Nano uses the Lightning connection to iPhone or microUSB/USB-C to the Android version, which will be released this November, making it run very smoothly. The device’s price is $199.
Inside the Insta360 Nao is a memory card tray. The images or videos you take will be stored there. As a result, we can turn it into a completely independent device whenever we like without the need of an iPhone or Android phone. However, by doing this you will be recording “blind” since the device does not use WiFi for data transfer but uses physical ports instead.
Only when you plug the Insta360 into the phone that you can enjoy the best of its abilities. Insta360 operates very smoothly and responsively. The manufacturer integrated 360-degree images and videos previews in real-time so that we can view and adjust on the flight. This is what I like best about it and also is the biggest difference compared to other 360-degree devices on the market. They are also very considerate when allowing split-screen mode so that you can connect your phones to VR devices such as Google Cardboard to view images taken from Insta360 Nano.
The image and video quality of Insta360 Nano has a resolution of 3040 x 1520, which isn’t 4K but it’s acceptable mainly because the manufacturer uses a Super Wide Angle 210-degree Len with an aperture of f2.0. Images viewed on iPhone are quite good, but you have to note that 360-degree images and videos always have lower resolutions than their conventional counterparts.
The information I received from the product vendor is that this device can be used for 75 minutes of constant video recording, which is quite acceptable for its small design.
And finally, my favorite function of the Insta360 Nano is its support for Live Streaming on Facebook or YouTube by using an iPhone as a connector. In this way, we can hardly use it professionally but it is very good for personal needs.
This device connects to iPhone using Lightning port
It has a button on the back for use without a phone
We will charge the Insta360 Nano using a microUSB port, it uses an independent 800mAh instead of the iPhone’s battery
The device’s weight is very light so that it will be comfortable when plugged in, but it cannot be placed vertically on a table like professional VR cameras
You might need to use a foothold for iPhone or something else of similar purposes to keep the device standing, or hold it like this
This is another device that supports 4K, used for live-streaming professionally other events. Its price is $600.
Source : Tinhte.vn
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