GoPro Hero6 Black Review
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On September 28, 2017, the very popular GoPro company announced that they would be releasing a new GoPro camera called the GoPro Hero6 Black. The company stated that the new camera would basically look the same as their former cameras, but it would have some major internal software changes. 
The GoPro brand name is very popular among the extreme sports community, but "regular" people enjoy the benefits of owning a GoPro as well. In this informative article
I will tell you about 15 things that you need to know about the new GoPro Hero6 Black.
Most people will simply look at the outside design of the new Hero6 Black and assume it is the same as all of its younger brothers because it looks the same. However, the outside isn't what changed with this new GoPro model. It's the insides
First off, the Hero6 Black has new 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. In case you don't know, the Hero5 Black only offered 30 frames per second. 4K resolution is amazing in itself, but at 60 frames per second? That's otherworldly!The Hero6 black also improved its image stabilization. 
Previously, the Hero5 Black only offered image stabilization at 2.7K, but the new Hero6 Black features image stabilization at 4K. That's nearly a 2x improvement! Additionally, the Hero6 Black features 1080p resolution at 240 frames per second. This feature is mostly used for slow motion videos.
The chipset has also change in the new Hero6 Black. Instead of using Ambarella, which GoPro has used for years, the company made the switch to a GP1 chipset. The new chipset is used for image processing.Also, for those of you who like to shoot videos in the dark, the new Hero6 Black has better low-light performance compared to the Hero5 Black. This means that you can take videos at night and not have to worry about them having bad resolution. 
Also, GoPro increased the long exposure from 10 seconds to 2 seconds.One of the most important things on a camera, the dynamic range with lighting conditions, got improved on the Hero6 Black. The new speed and clarity on this camera is amazing!Image stabilization is always very important when filming, so that's why GoPro improved it on their new Hero6 Black. 
The new camera has a 3 axis image correction from all angles, which is especially beneficial when taking wide shots.GoPro also added a new zoom slider option. Now, you can zoom 0-100% to get a custom framing for your image. This gives you a wide array of options compared to the old Hero5 Black, which only offered narrow/medium crops.The new Hero6 Black features a new HDR photo capture. 
The old Hero5 Black had a WDR, but the HDR creates a 3-image compilation. Worth mentioning in this category, the Hero6 Black has dual 2.4Ghz/5Ghz for faster downloads. Essentially, this should allow nearly double the download speeds. GoPro decided to change the file formats for downloads as well. The 4K60 and the 1080p240 will now be in the H.265 HEVC format. 
This is much more efficient, as it will nearly cut in half the space a file takes up.The Hero6 Black now has a slightly improved voice control.
Now, if you feel ever so inclined to do so, you can turn on the camera with your voice. This is a major improvement since previously, you had to turn it on manually,The thing that didn't improve, however, is the mounts and cases. All the mounts and cases are exactly the same as what comes with the Hero5 Black. The camera does have an increased camera algorithm. It can now recognize faces. Finally, the Hero6 Black has a very fast touch screen.
The camera now responds faster to commands.Overall, the Hero6 Black is an excellent improvement from its predecessor, the Hero5 Black. If you want an excellent camera for all your needs, I recommend buying the GoPro Hero6 Black.
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