Glare smile - revolution in oral health


I always hurry in the morning because of limited amount of time. I often get to work late because I don’t have enough time to prepare. Everything has changed recently when my mom introduced me a new equip called Glare smile. It helps me save precious minutes in the morning and improve the quality of oral health for my whole family.


My mom is a dentist and she taught my sister and I to brush our teeth in traditional way correctly when we were little girl. However, sometimes I still brush my teeth wrongly because of my laziness and carelessness. Yesterday my mom came home and she was really excited with the image of a small equipment on her hand. She said: “From now on, you, your sister and your father will brush your teeth correctly with this. Moreover, you will come to work on time.” I was so doubtful about this until I saw how this operates.

Glare smile is an automatic toothbrush with three rotating brushes cleaning teeth as suggestion by dentists. Moreover it can also save a significant amount of time because this device can complete brushing your teeth in 10 seconds. The thing that makes my mother feel such excited is that you can connect it to the smartphone and check your children’s daily cleaning. Well, a mom who is a dentist must fall in love with this.

All you need to do is turning on Glare smile and put it in your mouth, it will automatically brush your teeth in a correct way. Glare smile has 4 different modes for you to choose. It can be either charged with USB charger or solar charger, which is very convenient, economical and friendly environment.

My mom is looking forward to buying this device when it appears because she will never have to shout at us about brushing our teeth and the oral health of the whole family will be improved. I by myself love it too, because I can go on to work on time with this.

Phung Thi Loc Nhung
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