Germans have impressive longevity

According to data from World Health Organization in Geneva in 2016, the world longevity average is 71.4 years, Chinese longevity is 76.1 years, while German longevity is 81. 130 years ago, German male longevity was 35 and German female 38. 
So what are the Germans’ secrets?
Eat garlic
Garlic is common in Germans’ everyday meals, in bread, fried fish, in liquor, etc. In German supermarket, you can see food made with garlic everywhere.
Germans eat garlic frequently 
Garlic is said to be a “natural antibiotic.” Allicin in garlic can prevent harmful bacteria from growing and multiplying. At Darmstadt, Germany, the annual Garlic festival dates back to 100 years ago. The organizer even votes for beautiful girls to become “Garlic queen.”
Drink coffee and tea 
Germans love drinking coffee, and tea is getting more and more common. Germans add dried strawberries in tea to make strawberry tea, and aloe vera to make aloe vera tea…
Drinking tea can help prevent heart diseases and lower chances of cancer. Drinking tea every day can help slow down oxidizing muscular cells and organization, detoxify liver, prevent the spreading of tumors, and decrease the chances of cancer.
Drinking tea is Germans’ habit
Eat fish every week 
Germans have the habit of eating fish every Friday. From common dining rooms to family dinners, fish is the main dish. Germans are aware that eating red meat is not good for health, and thus they like fish. They even eat fish on weekdays.
Eating plenty of fish helps Germans live longer
Drink a lot of milk
Germans rank first in the world in milk consumption. Yearly consumption of each individual is 85 liters. They drink a lot of milk at a young age, and they even use milk to cook. Therefore, Germans almost never suffer from calcium deficiency. Milk has great nutritional value, including protein, fats, calcium, phosphorium. Germans’ breakfasts are always full of basic nutrition with milk and honey.
Germans drink the most milk in the world   
Only take medicine based on doctors’ prescription
Germans never buy medicine by themselves, even supplements. They always follow doctors’ advice. The saying “medicine can be 3 times poison” is also used in Germany. They only use medicine when the doctor prescribe it, never use the wrong medicine and never overuse it.
Stand rather than sit 
Germans don’t like sitting, they often stand to work, have meetings, and lecture. That way it’s more beneficial for health and decreases hip pains. They know that sitting for too long can increase the chances of intestinal, endometritis, and lung cancer.
Walk regularly
Walking is the best way to lose weight, protect cardiovascular functions, and burn calories. 30 minutes walking everyday can reduced chances of diseases. Germany is the country of beers, but the number of people with “beer belly” reduces gradually, since 2/3 German population do exercises at least 2 times a week, and most adults walk at least 15 minutes a day. They specifically dedicate Sundays for walking.
Simple living and dressing 
The way Germans see it, houses don’t affect too much on family and happiness. Thus, many Germans don’t borrow money to buy houses, although they can. Work pressure is high for Germans, but they often feel satisfied with life, they don’t like debts and many live in rented houses all their lives.
Germans’ daily outfits are very simple. They think positive thinking will bring optimistic attitude and healthy body. 
Appreciate leisure  
Germans appreciate leisure and vacations. They’re meticulous at work but also love holidays. Sundays are all personal time. However enthusiastic they are at work, they believe that they can only recover energy by taking time off properly. Germans also care about others’ leisure, thus if there’s nothing urgent, they will not call others’ home after 7pm and on holidays.
Don’t accept old age 
Old Germans don’t accept old age. Many actively delay retirement. In Germany, many old people do jobs such as give directions to foreigners, read newspapers for the blinds. They find happiness from those jobs, and their lives are fulfilled. 
They think that retirement is the start of a new life where they can arrange time to work as they wish. They can also fulfill their dreams, renew their lives by painting, photography, and enjoying “the second youth” after retirement…
Retired Germans continue to work, refuse to accept old age
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