From Fat To Skinny

For an overweight person who has just recently lost weight, you'll see that the journey is far from being over. Being healthy is now a new lifestyle for you and you are going to have to work hard to maintain it. Sure you ate right and exercised to shed the pounds but that must continue, in order for the pounds to stay off.
How does it feel to go from fat to skinny?
This depends on the individual. If you are someone who has been small at some point in your life and then gained weight, you're situation will be different than someone who was overweight for most of their life. If you've always been overweight and was finally able to lose those pounds, you may feel happy and/or you may feel sad.
Having a large amount of weight to lose can result in loose skin. The loose skin can make a person feel like they have accomplished the weight loss but now have a whole new obstacle in their way.
This can cause feelings of sadness because some people can have skin removal surgery and some won't. Living with the loose skin may prove to be just as tough as living as an overweight person. In some cases, a person may feel that they are still a bigger person. If you have been overweight the majority of your life, it can be hard to wrap your head around being smaller. You may find yourself still searching for clothes in the size you used to wear or thinking that you can't physically do certain things because of your weight.
Will becoming skinny boost your self confidence?
Again, this will depend on the individual. Some people have lost weight and literally never looked back and some still struggled to find themselves. If you've always been seen as a certain way, it is hard to see yourself any other way. You may start to get attention that you weren't getting before and this can be hard to deal with. To have people complimenting you and treating you completely different than they would have when you were overweight, can be overwhelming.
How will my body feel after becoming skinny?
You probably will have a lot more energy and feel good all around. You won't be carrying around that extra weight anymore and you'll be able to do regular tasks with ease. Weight loss definitely increases how healthy you are and just hearing a doctor give you a clean bill of health is all the more reason to feel good. You'll put extra years on your life and be able to enjoy all that life has to offer.
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