Five most valuable things everyone should know.

1. Sex and love are two different things.
People should know that just because someone is attracted to you don’t mean that they like you. The same case applies to love. Love is a pure feeling that is expressed freely without asking for anything in return.
For example, the love of the parents to their children or the love among siblings. This shows that you love these people, but you can’t have sex with them. You may have a partner who you are intimately connected, but you don’t love them, or they don’t love you either.
2. Know how to speak in authority.
This is another thing to note about life. People will recognize your authority based on your tone, not the content you are relying upon. They get to know and understand your message depending on the tone you use.
3. You are whom you tell yourself you are.
How you speak and behave says a lot about who you are. If you tell the truth that shows you are an honest person and the same case applies to when you tell lies.
Therefore choose your words wisely as they are the ones that define you and mold you as a person.
4. Learn from the world to change your life.
One thing we fail to know is that the answers we always struggle to find are still within us. One way to find the answers to our life questions is by studying the problems that we experience, find the solutions to the problems and act upon the solution.
For example, if your marriage is not working out find the reasons causing it from your end and figure out what to do so as to avoid the things causing it not to work.
5. We are what we interpret our lives.
The other thing one should know is that you are what you feel or interpret yourself to be. For example if you believe that you are easily offended by petty things or you can’t sleep without having a bottle of beer, you will not be able to sleep.
Herefore to break from such habits you have to change your mentality and find a different way of interpreting your information and thoughts.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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