First meeting: 6 signs show that you should give him or her a chance

You talk to a man on a dating site? A colleague just invites you to go for a drink? Your next door neighbor has offered an appointment? It is possible that you hesitate to go there; you are terrified at the idea that this is a total fiasco. But sometimes you have to trust your instincts and consider that this connection could transform into feelings of love. To reassure you, here are eight signs that you should get started.
1- You are excited when you talk or you write/type
Butterflies in the stomach? It's a good sign. And if you smile every time you receive a message from him/her. Being nervous is a good thing, it does not always mean that something bad will happen but simply that you are excited and it does not leave you indifferent.
2- You're comfortable with the rhythm that he/she offers you
He does not try to rush you, does not pressure you to make you spend a moment together by sending you a text message every hour. On the other hand, he does not make you languish and is not careless in his answers.
If things are going neither too fast nor too slow, the future of your relationship looks radiant.
3- A little flirtation but without overdoing it
A little flirtation settled between you two, a few stares when you cross, teasing each time you chat. Maybe this seduction game will turn into beautiful love story. However, if too pushy to the point of being heavy, it is better to stop. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable.
4-You have the same idea of the perfect weekend
It is not necessary to have absolutely everything in common to be compatible. However, the same idea of the ideal weekend can give you a good clue about the connection you have. If ever you like to do the same activities, there are great chances that you get along well with each other.
5- He/she is genuinely interested in you
Nothing is worse than superficial compliments without any substantive issue to get to know you. Know that physically taking pleasure to the man who offers you a date is important but not sufficient. If he seeks to learn more about you, makes compliments on your personality, your tastes or your passions, then it means that he is actually interested.
He questions you about your hobbies, your childhood, your family, then go for it. It is a sign that he is not interested in a one night stand but a relationship
6- He/she is reconciling
If he tries to find a place close to your house and a time that fits your schedule, it means that in general, he takes into consideration factors that do not depend on him. While you are free to find him, he tries to figure out how to arrange and not to infringe on your other commitments. Maybe you should give him a chance.
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