Euro 2016: why Deschamps chose Biarritz for the preparation of the Blues (France)

France is preparing for the Euro; it begins on Tuesday, June 17.  The gathering will not happen at Clairefontaine, where 23 Blues have their habits and where they spend most of their time from June 10 to July 10. To prepare for the competition, Didier Deschamps gave them an appointment with him, in the Basque Country.

Didier Deschamps was born on October 15, 1968 in Bayonne, and even has a “stage name” in this town located between Nive and Adour. Yet from May 17 to 21, before facing Cameroon (May 30) and Scotland (June 4), just before starting the real match, the former licensee of the football section of the Rowing Bayonne Biarritz is chosen to prepare for the players for the Euro 2016 (June 10 - July 10).

The land of rugby

If the coach of the France team has put the suitcases in the Blues Aguilera, court of the local rugby team (Biarritz Olympique), it is guided by the need to allow his players to attack “their "competition with an optimal shape.

Although DD knows the area very well, that is another regional stage in which it requests an inventory of sports facilities and hotels in the area: Jean-Michel Larqué. Former commentator for the matches of the France team for TF1, now consultant on RMC, and also chairman of the district Pyrénées-Atlantiques…

So Deschamps is appointed to guide the Blues during the stay for five days at the Hotel Regina Biarritz, at the stadium Aguilera, home of rugby club Biarritz Olympique.

"Aguilera is a perfectly secure and tightly closed site, Didier Deschamps was holding, explained the former Saint-Etienne on France Bleu Pays Basque on Monday. It is a stage that has some capacity. Technical services and the municipality of Biarritz promised to do everything to protect the Aguilera stadium, home of rugby players, footballers can accommodate comfortably. "

About accommodation, Larqué also said that "all players have a season in the legs and have been very far in the competition. In these cases, they need especially recovery, care, maintenance, and obviously a little technical work. So all the convenience of Biarritz now good for the recovery of the whole team.”

Preparing for the first match

Didier Deschamps, coach: "Many would like to be in their place"

"Today I have 17 players, tomorrow I'll have 29 (most of the troops will land Tuesday at Clairefontaine after the finals of domestic cups, ed.). I have had no problems to worry about before the World Cup. Again, players are in the mind. They wear the same jersey. After, they are not there to knock in drive. I do not do differences. I have the same attention as other reservists. I expect them the same implication. There is no specific role or distinction. These players keep smiling, because they are aware that many people are counting on them. "

Other countries in Europe are also rushing in preparing for the Europe; the comfort of the players is one of the most important factors that help to give them the best state.

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