Etraordinary Kin Invents Disability Assistance App

It sounds very unique when you hear a small child or teenager has invented something. That’s where all the questions start flowing like how can such a small kid invent such a thing that we adults have not even had an idea about.
Young Alex is one of the kids who have come up with ideas of inventing new things. For him he has invented a ability app that can help people with disabilities to get public spaces and create employment opportunities.
Alex had this idea come about when he saw a man in a chair and could not be able to open a manual door and he thought of whether there was an app that could help him know where he could find automatic doors.
When he got home he did a research but he could not find such an app and that’s how he decided to come up with one. Through a stranger he got an idea of how he could come up with an app that could help people with disabilities.
The ability app for instance can tell people with disabilities on the hotels they can use in that hotels that are favourable to them because once they go to any hotel or place they are not able to tell which hotel best suites them considering their disabilities.
The good thing about this app is it gives a description of the hotel and the contacts of the hotel this makes it easier for them.
So far Alex has won around six awards because of the great idea that he came up with. Alex to make his app begin to work by raising a given sum of money, thanks to Ellen who came to his assistance and we hope that the app will be done soon in order for people with disabilities to enjoy their daily activities.
The young inventors are coming up with the best ideas ever I hope we get so many kids of such minds.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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