Effects of physical activity on our health

Health is wealth. Everyone heard about this proverb, but the proverb holds an important actuality. The preservation of health is highly important in order to live a peaceful and happy life. What can you do to stay healthy? There are millions of things that you can do to stay healthy, but staying physically active helps you to stay away from those millions of things.
Physical activity or physical exercise as if running, jogging, swimming, aerobic exercises, yoga and so on, helps you to stay healthy. How can physical exercise influence on the quality of health? Physical activity works out each and every part of our body. However, it is not important, but the physical exercise makes our heart to pump more blood efficiently to all parts of our body.
As a result, our body gets enough amounts of nutrients and oxygen. This also helps to clear out all of the unwanted substances from the body. As every bit of the body gets surplus amount of oxygen, the efficiency of its function increases tremendously, and this can be reflected on the quality of health.
In the mean time, physical activity stimulates our brain to secrete happy hormones, serotonin. This hormone helps to elevate the mood and also it aims at increasing the concentration of the person. The mood and concentration are two important aspects of mental health. The physical exercise improves the quality of life by keeping these two aspects at healthy range.
In addition, physical activity also increases the strength of a  person. The strength of the person is also one of the physical aspects of health. Physical activities as if jogging, running and so on, help to achieve this aspect of health easily by performing such physical activity. 
Moreover, the physical activity also helps to eliminate stress from our body. The stress is also one of the major health destructing elements. However, the physical activity eliminates the stress as well as the free radicals produced as a result of stress in the body. Hence, the physical activity secures our health through keeping the stress at its bay. 
As a whole, the physical activity helps in restoring mental aspects of health and physical aspect of health. Thus, physical activity increases the overall health status of a person. 
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