Don't Get Mad, Get Wise: Why No One Ever Makes You Angry... Ever
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We all have anger in our hearts, and it corrodes relationships everywhere, from the individual to the international. But anger is never healthy or justified. This is not a book about moderating or transforming our anger, but getting rid of it. At its root, anger is a spiritual rather than an emotional issue. We can't be angry, and peaceful and loving, at the same time. This book is about learning what forgiveness really means, how to be peaceful, and to live without anger. It's about healing the wounds of our anger-driven habits and learning who we really are. Mike George begins by analyzing the illusions we have created for ourselves that justify our anger. He continues, in Part 2, by showing us how to explore our own inner resources that we can draw on to heal its scars. In Part 3 he focusses on forgiveness—not just forgiving others, or ourselves, but the spiritual realization that anger is not only futile, there is a part of you that it has never touched. Read more....


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