DenTrust 3-Sided Toothbrush
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  • Easier toothbrushing for overly sensitive children
  • 3-sided toothbrush guides cleaning and encourages independence
  • Gently stimulates and massages the gums
  • Essential gumline cleaning
  • Complete tooth coverage
  • Fast, easy and effective cleaning
  • Effective cleaning in a short amount of time
  • Gets all 3-sides of the teeth clean without a struggle
  • Improve dental check-ups
  • Reduces plaque
  • Reduces gum disease
  • Caregivers find brushing a special needs child much easier
  • Extra gum protection
  • Clinically proven to remove plaque at the gumline
  • Expansion pleats allow bristles to adjust to different tooth widths
  • Tongue scraper for fresher breath
  • Adjustable bristles warmer water=softer bristles - cold water=firmer
  • Clinically proven safe, gental and effective
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