Dealing With an Accidental Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be the most amazing experience for a woman and her partner. But this does not mean that you need to feel an instant connection with your baby once the stick gives you a positive result. Neither do you need to have an overflowing bank account to have a baby.
These are just material standards we make ourselves believe that we need to achieve before starting a family. Sometimes an accidental pregnancy can be a blessing in disguise.
The term 'accidental pregnancy' is often misunderstood to refer to a kind of regret or a horrible mistake. It is generally thought to happen due to unprotected sex. In reality, a woman can get pregnant 'accidentally' despite taking precautions to avoid a pregnancy.
If you find yourself in this situation, you will have three clear options: What are your options?
1. Taking responsibility for your child If adoption and abortion are not an alternative for you, then you will be going ahead with your pregnancy. If you are not financially independent and afraid to break this news to your parents, meet with a trusted friend or elderly family member to help you with the same. At this time, make it a point to take good care of your health and of course begin with pre-natal care. Educate yourself on how to go about your pregnancy with the help of various books and online articles.
2. Finding a suitable home for your child If you wish to go ahead with your pregnancy but do not feel comfortable to raise your child in your present situation or environment, then adoption is what you will be advised to lean towards. There are many couples unable to conceive that would prove to be loving parents to your child. Through the appropriate means, you can find the perfect home for your child.
3. Terminating your pregnancy Taking the decision to abort your child is not an easy one to say the least. It has a profound effect on the health and the mind of a woman. As this decision is an irreversible one, make sure to talk to seek professional help before going ahead with such a decision. Whichever situation you are in and whatever decision you take, make sure that it is in fact YOUR own (and your partner's) decision and not something that you feel pressurized into doing.
Remember, an accidental pregnancy is not the end of the world. With a good support system along with the right information from your family and professionals, this is a situation that you do not need to be afraid of.
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