Common Mistakes when Feeding Children Dinner: How to avoid them

When it comes to food, some children can be very picky making it very difficult to feed them. Add that to the stress of keeping them busy while preparing dinner and the task soon seems to be too great and when you finally get done preparing their last meal of the day you are all worn out. In addition to the struggle to get the dinner prepared and on the table there is also the complaints you will get ranging from who doesn’t like what’s on their plate to if they can have something else because what they have looks nasty.
How do you create a balance where you feed them what they will eat with what they need to eat but also get dinner on the table with no quarrels?
The first thing that comes to mind it to firstly just relax, dinner doesn’t have to be this marathon that you have to get to the end of. There are plenty meal ideas that are quick and simple like a healthy twist on Sloppy Joe that the kids can help with from start to finish or Home-Made Pizza. Here are some very common mistakes and the alternative to them.
Kids and their devices – a lot of time parts send their children to their tablet or Smartphone or even the TV to keep them occupied to have the kitchen free to prepare dinner. Getting them involved, however, sets the tone of the meal for them and allows them to see how the meal is prepared as well. 
Substituting veggies just because they don’t like it – just as us adults need to eat a balanced meal, the same applies for our children so swapping out veggies because you just know they are not going to eat them isn't the best thing to do. Try introducing these veggies into different recipes that they like adding spinach to home-made pizza or in their favorite lasagne.  
Insisting they clear their plate – it is great when your child is a healthy hearty eater but proper portion size is important and even when you do that you do not have to insist they eat it off. 90 percent of toddlers will eat until the plate is empty and not until they feel full. It is ok to see to it that they eat something but do not force them. It is also important to check and make sure they are well and that isn’t the reason they are not eating. 
Feeding children can be a very tedious task but it just takes a little understanding of you children as well as creative ways to fix dinner that is just as fun for them as it is easy for you. 
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