Best fashion trends of 2017

As we are getting closer and closer to the Spring season of 2017 leaving the heavy winter behind us, there is one thing on our minds. What is it? The new and super exciting upcoming fashion trends of course! Many things remain the same but a little bit twisted and other completely new things are coming on our way. From yellow dresses to stripy tops, here are the best fashion trends that will make their appearance in every wardrobe around the globe!
Let’s see all of them..
Ok, we all love a good stripy top, don’t we? Well, stripes are super fashionable for another season; this time more bold than ever. Forget the classic black and white stripy shirt. Now you can wear happy color combinations like red with green or blue with yellow and look awesome. You can also play with the width of the stripes you’ll wear, as more wider ones are great too for the upcoming season. You can rock tops, shirts, blouses or even dresses in this pattern.
Yellow Color 
If we could sum up this Spring’s trends in one color, then this would definitely be yellow. We saw it ruling the runway from many designers. The best way to wear it? Of course a beautiful yellow dress. There is one to match every skin color and satisfy any taste. The choice is yours.
The off the shoulder trend isn’t over yet. We saw it and loved it for at least two seasons now. It will be super hot for the next months as well. You can rock an off-the-shoulder blouse or even a dress and be sure you’ll look amazing.
What is your favorite one?
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