Best Dressed Couple 2017 on the Oscars Red Carpet

Oscars Red Carpet is a place for glamour. All the celebrities and known personalities spare their precious time to enlighten the event. All are dressed in expensive designer dresses, complementing their creativity and elegance. However, red carpet is not just a place to show-off once dresses and receive complements.
It’s the event where everyone comes with a goal of getting their work appreciated and awarded. This is definitely a matter of pride for one to get acknowledged for their work.
Last night all the celebrities were spotted in Oscar’s red carpet. The event was filled with Old Hollywood love and va-va-voomglitz. Everyone had their eyes fixed on all the beautiful and elegant couples which increased the glamour of the event. 
And, it would not be wrong to say that no couple better embodied the evening’s air of grace than Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Both the individuals complemented each other and no one could keep their eyes off this charming duo. They were the modern form of old days’Elizabeth Taylor andRichard Burton with their elegant-yet-risk-taking rigouts.
Justin Timberlake had also been nominated for the best original song. He approached in an evening jacket by Tom Ford jacquard that reminded the Mad Men era. Timberlake’s wife Biel crossed the boundaries of convention by showing up a distressed Kaufman franco dress. 
Ford’s micro-dot motif was putting a delicate yet debonaireffect on the cocktail jacket. Motif was a suavesubstitute to the traditional dinner jacket. A single-button silhouette gave the style-conscious singer alengthening silhouette, while blatant loafers supported the look with a classic touch.
Jessica Biel, however, really stole the evening’s attention with her gently edgy floor-length frock. What actually raised Biel to Oscar night’s gold heights was her Tiffany & Co jewellery, which was elegantly retro-design inspired. A necklace in gold, platinum, and diamonds was an idyllicmatch to the covered-up dress. 
The lady wore Schlumberger rings which beautifully punctuated the outfit with hints of twinkle. So, overall, it was a perfect complement to regard the duo as the modern-day representation of La La Land–esquelove, substantiating the fact that sometimes Hollywood does harvest fairy-tale endings in real life.
The best dressed couple was hence the one truly deserving the title and really uplifting the designers’ efforts and creativity.
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