Benefit of Green Tea

Green tea is the miracle drink that we have on this planet for us. It has antioxidants in it that effect on our health effectively. 
It is a nutritious beverage with lots of healthy benefits. Some of the highlighted benefits of in taking green tea lose weight, proper working of the brain and decrease the chances of cancer. 
Bioactive Compounds 
Green tea is not like the liquid that is just green in color, but it has bioactive compounds in it. These bioactive compounds are healthy and having nutrients in it.
It has polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids in it that help your body to work properly and actively. The miracle things with these components are these are helpful to recover the damage cells and protecting molecules to damage. 
Plus these substances are very helpful in the reversing of the aging process and decrease the risk of aging. 
Active your Brian
Green tea helps your body and mind active simultaneously. The main ingredient that helps your brain to work actively is caffeine that is called stimulant. 
It makes your smarter, vigilance, fresh and more confident in your work. Green tea also includes amino acid L-theanine which further helps your body to cross the blood brain barriers. 
The interesting thing that needs to share with you guys is green tea is better than coffee. Because green tea is the mildest drink that affects your body quickly as compared with the use of coffee. It gives your body productive and stable energy to live a happy life.
Burn Fat
Are you are looking for the supplement that helps you to maintain your current post? 
Then the best way to choose is the intake of green tea. Yes! because green tea has the component that helps your body to burn extra fats. It helps you to boost the metabolic rate and provide you energy after the mobilization of fatty acids. 
Lower Risk of Cancer
Green tea also helps your body in lower the risk of cancer. Cancer is the severe kind of disease that caused by the uncontrolled development of growth cells in human body. So with the help of antioxidants development of cancer cells can be controlled. 
It will help you lower the risk of any type of cancer like breast cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.
Hope so now you are also planning to drink green tea with your daily meal and ready to enjoy its benefits. So let’s start to drink healthy and eat healthy in your life to give a healthy lifestyle to yourself.    
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