Being in a Relationship With a Person Born Into Wealth

Some people might wonder what it is like to be in a relationship with a person who was born into wealth. Wealthy people are rare to begin with, and narrowing the pool to include only the people born into wealth is only going to make this experience less common. However, these people do exist, and they do sometimes form relationships with people from different social classes. Ultimately, the experience is going to be altered depending on the history of the other partner.
For instance, people who are also born into wealth aren't going to have a problem with this sort of relationship. In fact, love like this will work well, since people of similar backgrounds tend to bond particularly effectively. Other pairings will make the situation more difficult.
People who are self-made in terms of their wealth are going to have a lot of conflicts with people born into wealth because they will view wealth differently. The self-made person is not going to take money for granted like a person born into wealth, and a person born into wealth might consider the self-made person 'nouveau riche.' Similarly, middle class people, who value hard work and upward mobility, are going to have a problem with people who have unearned privilege in many cases. There might be a clash in terms of values in cases like these.
However, some poorer people aren't going to care. Many of them are just going to be happy to be in a relationship with someone who has wealth. This might make the wealthy partner feel insecure.
However, poor people often consider the entire system corrupt and arbitrary, because they have been able to benefit from it the least. They know that most privilege is unearned and that being rich or poor is often an accident, and they might be less judgmental of a person born into wealth compared to a self-made rich or middle class person.
Middle class people might feel that the rich person is spending money frivolously because they are used to saving. Self-made rich people might feel the same way, because they are used to investing. However, poor people are often used to just spending money, because they often don't have enough to save or invest in the first place.
Obviously, these are just trends, and it all depends on the person. However, people who are born rich are often either better off dating someone like them, or someone who is actually poor.
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