Being Born As One Of The Beautiful People

Ask yourself this question and consider what the answer really means. Do people who are beautiful, smart and born into a wealthy, healthy, and loving family; do they know how lucky they are?
Many people would ask this question and automatically assume the answer to be, no. This is a natural bias, one that assumes that having positive circumstances makes a person self-centered, selfish, or privileged in a way that is morally faulty. 
This assumption is based on a more incorrect assumption, that having what you deserve or are born with makes you less compassionate towards others. In reality, this is an assumption made by people that think they deserved something other than their actual lot in life. You are born to the family, life, and circumstances without choosing it, therefore nobody is unaware of what they have in life.
We are aware of the good or bad aspects of our life no matter who we are, but how we choose to interpret this is the key to being morally centered. A person who has negative circumstances in life is more likely to see things from a less than positive perspective. 
In fact, if a person has a truly dysfunctional life, they will often see positive things as a threat or reject those things that are good. Their perspective maybe inclined to reject positive attributes in others, seeing those people as spoiled, privileged, but more importantly as having what they wish they had for themselves.
In reality, being born as one of the beautiful people, someone smart, wealthy, healthy, and part ofa loving family lends itself to having a more balanced perspective in life. All these traits lend one to have natural self confidence, personal power, and gain the respect of others. Someone like this has a combination of things that many people never have or will achieve, so their ability to see the differences in other people and their lives would be natural as well. Above all, the combined skillset of having all these attributes in their life, this would result in discernment and wisdom about what is wrong in the world.
There is a difference between being privileged and having positivity in life. Just because a person is born as one of the beautiful people, does not guarantee anything except they start out living a life that has the best influences. Why would we wish to give all the blessings in life to our children, if the result would simply end up nurturing a person that turned out as negatively spirited as the world at its worst. This kind of thinking is what perpetuates stereotypes and causes people to never reach for their true potentials. 
Everyone should wish to be born as one of the beautiful people. Because we all deserve to have the best life and live it to the fullest. That is the key to true happiness, but only if we allow for the world to be its best. And only when we allow ourselves to dream big, so we can be the best version of ourselves that we can be. 
Being beautiful is not a sin, but a blessing. For those who truly are beautiful. 
Nguyen Kinh Luan
I love to travel and have taken time to experience life in many countries. I made this website to share useful information with the community. If you have the same hobby, please connect with me. I wish you success! Best regards!
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