Basic Pieces You Should Have In Your Closet

Most of the times we are attracted by all the new trends going on in the fashion world; fancy colorful shoes, pretty bold colored shirts, edgy leather trousers and the list goes on. This isn’t a big problem if you already have established a functional and organized closet, featuring all the essential pieces you’ll wear day to day. 
However, if you find yourself buying repeatedly things you don’t necessarily need, while leaving out the basic pieces, you’ll surely also find yourself saying the cliche phrase “I have nothing to wear!”. How to avoid that? You can start investing in some classic basic pieces as well; even if they aren’t so much fun like the fancier ones.
So, here are the clothes that will get you out the door quickly and stylish-ly!
The Classic Coat
A classic coat in a neutral shade like beige, camel, grey or even a black one is your savior. It goes with everything and elevates your look instantly. Whether you wear a dress, or jeans and t-shirt underneath it, be sure you’ll look classy and put together.
The Perfect Pair Of Jeans
The perfect pair of jeans is different for every body type. Finding your “perfect” one is crucial as jeans are comfortable, versatile, and you can wear them from day to night.
The White Shirt
When you want to look great in less than 5 minutes without much effort, a white crisp shirt is your best friend. It is chic and makes you look put-together. A big plus is that you can style it easily with anything; from skirts to trousers.
There you have them! Do you have them in your closet?
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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