Bark: Use, Management, and Commerce in Africa (Advances in Economic Botany)
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It can be surprising how many commonly used objects are derived from bark. Cork, cinnamon, paper, rope, baskets-- just a handful of the uses humans have found for trees whose bark has certain structural or chemical characteristics. Unfortunately, some trees are too useful for their own good. While the impacts of timber production have been well documented, by comparison our understanding of bark production and trade is developing. Here prominent researchers fill the gap with 15 papers that address bark in these ways: 1. Ecological and Ethnobotanical context; 2. case studies Ecology and bark harvest; 3. small-scale resource, large-scale trade & the international economic context; local, social, and economic context. More effective conservation and resource management need good science, of course; but the emotional ties forged by direct experience, Cunningham says, are what allow us to augment the ability of science to induce policy-makers and the general public to pay attention to what we need to do to keep bark safe.

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