Amber and Johnny separate after fifteen months of marriage

After fifteen months of marriage, Amber and Johnny separate at the request of the actress because of "irreconcilable differences". The young woman also claims alimony.

The news “the American actor Johnny Depp separates Amber Heard at her request” was announced on several US media on Wednesday.

The American actress has filed for divorce from a Los Angeles court on Monday, according to documents released by the website about the TMZ celebrity. Amber Heard would also take steps to get child support from the actor.

This request for separation was introduced two days after the death of Betty Sue Palmer, the mother of Johnny Depp. People magazine, which also got a copy of the divorce, says the actress blamed for the "irreconcilable differences".

Jealousy?  At this point, all hypotheses are envisaged

Last month, the 30 years-old actress was pleaded guilty of falsifying documents when arriving by private jet with his two animals. Depp, 52, then turned to Australia for the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men Tell No Tales (The Dead do not tell stories).

Amber Heard is not a blonde dove and is not at her first judicial proceedings. Let's go back. Monday, April 18, exactly, the day on which Amber Heard admitted in court to falsifying the form for immigration to bring her dogs, Boo and Pistol. "It was a terrible mistake, terrible," assured her lawyer Jeremy Kirk, and "there was no intent to deceive." Intent to deceive or not, Amber Heard left with an obligation to conduct a month, along with a suspended fine of 1,000 Australian dollars (685 euros).

The Ministry of Agriculture has obtained the couple’s apology on an absurd video that has been viewed almost five million times on YouTube.

Good conduct bond, the scandal ended on May 18, five days before completing the divorce papers.

Shame and jealousy

Historical Reference: April 27, 2013, Depp chose to formalize his relationship with the blonde. In a crowded club of photographers, the couple attended a private Rolling Stones concert. On February 4, the couple said "yes" in Los Angeles before flying to the Bahamas for the rest of the festivities on the private island of the actor. In between, the tipsy speech of the actor on the stage of the Hollywood Film Awards in November 2014 had stuck shame to his fiancée.

Another problem is jealousy

When, jealousy, in September 2015, Amber asked Johnny to sell his yacht, previously offered to his former girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis.

Small reminder of previous episodes: Johnny left Vanessa when he had already begun an affair with Amber Heard. Once the fair was officially in a relationship with Johnny, she began to fear Vanessa. Johnny and confessions in November 2015 in the Daily Mail did not help. "She is a very good friend, a wonderful mother and a sublime woman. We have two children; it does not abandon the ship. Love is not really the same, but I still love her, no matter what”. Two months ago, Amber had yet pulled the alarm by summing Johnny to sell the yacht he had given the singer. 

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