A simple yet satisfaction day for charity.

I went to a charity in Vietnam located at Long An Province. It is an invitation from my Vietnamese friend. It is my first time visiting charity events overseas and looking very forward to it.
When I arrive, it is basically a place where they host an event there. There are a lot of departments. They can see doctors if they are feeling unwell and doctors will prescribe medicine for them.
All the doctors are actually undergraduate in medicial hospital school and they are all certified part timer doctors who came here to volunteer themselves. If they are having a bad tooth, dentist are there to help them out too. There are also foods to be distribute for their daily needs.
Eg: Maggie mee, biscuit, bread, drinks and many others all in a pack. Two volunteering barbers would help to cut their hair for free and it take them maybe 15 mins per pax.
You can see a lot of old woman and man who came as a pair walking slowly and inconveniently (due to their old age) toward different booths . The whole event usually take 8 hours from morning till late afternoon. I always greet them respectfully and they will just look back with a wide smile maybe because they know I am a foreigner and they can’t reply back in English. Everything went well and people who help out there are really friendly and nice.
I was standing right before the door when i saw a lady who is asking for a second package for her husband who is very sick resting at home and they have so much difficulties in surviving but they just couldn't miss out this time every month. One of the guy took out one more pack of rice and pass it to her. She cried and say numerous of thanks before she left. This is how pity for life in vietnam. There are alot more people sharing the same situation like here. Usually there are more than 1000 people who came here for the subsidy. 
I remember another slim and slender girl who is diagnose with cervix cancer for two years and next month she have to go for an operation but she is too poor to go for the operation. Everybody who is there who heard her stories decided to help her out by donating money for her operation.
Lastly, we will pack everything left over up to a lorry and I would like to come again if I have another chance.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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