8 Tips for Raising a Smart Child

Child development experts agree that how you help and involve yourself in your child’s intellectual development will affect her into adulthood. If you are hoping to raise a smart child, you’ll need to be smart yourself and create an environment at home that fosters learning and growth. Here are 8 tips for raising a smart child, straight from the experts. 
1. Start early
It’s never too early to begin teaching your child. Even as a newborn, your child is absorbing everything around him. Be loving and kind, sing, talk, use big gestures, count, make rhymes, and use stimulating age-appropriate toys so your baby discovers something new every day. 
2. Read 
Even before your child can speak, reading to him can help him develop his language skills more quickly. He’ll also build a robust vocabulary with all the words he learns. Of all the things you can do to help your child become smart, reading to him is the most important. 
3. Take time to interact and play
Children need our love and that’s especially important when they’re babies. Babies that are cuddled, loved and receive plenty of interactive playtime develop a higher intelligence. Plus, as your child gets bigger, you can use imaginative games as teachable moments such as pretending to go to the supermarket or how to cook in the kitchen.
4. Encourage free play time
While it’s important to play with your child, allowing him to explore his own imaginative world is necessary too. Both alone or with other playmates, he’ll explore ideas, feelings and impressions, and with others he’ll learn social interaction.
5. Make exercise a priority
Of course physical exercise will keep your child physically healthy and strong, but it will also make your child smart. When children get up and get moving, blood flow increases to the brain and helps the brain create new brain cells. 
6. Foster creativity
Expose your child to art, music, literature, and craft activities. Your child doesn’t need to be the best at these things, but allowing your child to explore that creative side is essential for developing problem solving skills. Plus, your child will have loads of fun!
7. Make life musical
Listening to music can help improve memory, motivation, and attention. It also lowers stress. If your child shows an interest in a certain instrument, encourage your child to learn how to play it. It’s a great way to stimulate her brain.
8. Set a good example
Children imitate what they see, so be a shining example for your child. Let him see you reading, being creative, making music, or other positive behaviors and he’ll be much more likely to copy them himself. 
While every child is different and learns differently, be calm and open when encouraging learning activities. Limit television viewing and swap it out for learning apps and computer games that will help your child learn and grow intellectually. By doing so, you’ll give them the best head start into the world. 
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