8 Reasons why you should travel the world

You exist, but do you live ?
Do you realize the boredom and your days are repeating? You’re living in this Earth, but do you know anything out of your country, or even your city? To travel is to live, they say. Traveling not only teaches us the value of life, but also makes us learners and observers. Here are reasons why you should break your comfort zone and discover the world when you’re young.
Happiness and Meaning of Life.
Life is not all about work and study. We often forget that there is so much more than a busy life in the city-there are majestic, beautiful places in this world that we can see and and enjoy being in. Traveling can change the mindset of having to live a life in a bubble, when you can go out and live every day to the fullest. The more we find this World is beautiful and interesting, the happier we feel. Yes it is true: traveling makes us happier, working out of your comfort zone is always rewarding.
Learn new language.
“The best way to learn a foreign language is to go to a foreign country” That’s why people often travel to places where they can practice the languages they like. You might learn a few essential words, such as “How much?; Thank you; Where is the bathroom?..etc” but locals will appreciate it and it’s amazing that you can interact with them on different level “ Also the more languages you know, the more you understand people, and the cultures in the place you’re traveling. 
See things you never see before and experience new cultures and lifestyle.  
Sometimes we have prejudices against other people or other countries, simply just because we don't understand them. Travel opens your eyes as you will see things you’ve never seen before. When you explore another country, you find why people do the way they do Don’t ever hesitate to take any opportunities where you can immerse yourself into these cultures and truly walk in another person's shoes.
Travelling build character and bring you more opportunities.
Traveling definitely makes you become very patient and flexible person. There are different situations happening on the road, so travel not only helps you deal with problems better but also makes you a optimistic person. By discovering a new land and new international friends, travel bring you more opportunities in life.
Make new international friends.
I used to be very shy at school and it was extremely difficult for me to make new friends, or even talk with anyone who isn’t my family member. And nothing is worse than that. However, traveling brings you different friends from different countries, cultures and lifestyle. You soon will realize that breaking the ice with new people is much easier. You’re not a boring person, your story is an interesting book that many people love to hear and you will find out there are so many people who have something in common with you.
Strengthen your inner self-confidence.
Travel can be scary at first, It’s difficult to break your comfort zone. You might feel the heartbeat before your flight. Especially when you arrive in a new country by yourself but don’t worry, you will adapt quicker than you ever though. Overcoming the challenges give you a greatest joys and you will be super proud of yourself when the trip ends: “Yeah, I did it.”
It makes you more open minded.
People who travel frequently are open-minded, creative and worldly. People who experience varieties of culture are able to assimilate into their work environments better and move ahead of the competition. And that’s not something they can teach you in school, so why don’t we go out to seek for that? 
Travelling is easier than you think.
Many people think it’s outrageously dangerous, expensive and impossible. Travel is actually something everyone should be able to do at least once in their lives, especially when you’re young. Try to take advantages of cheap flights, ask someone for experiences, do research about the place you choose to be in. Wherever you decide to be in this wonderful planet, it’ll become beautiful memories that make your life so meaningful..!
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Nguyen Kinh Luan
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