7 foods for children’s growth


The key to grow well is to establish balanced and varied menus. A child eats four times a day; he has to find dairy products, sugars, proteins, iron, vegetables, unlimited water and fresh fruit or juice  on his plate.

Let’s discover now the foods which are needed for the growth of your child.

Milk or yogurt


Milk is obviously essential that the baby consumes a large dose. Until adolescence, milk remains essential to the growth of the child.

Dairy products provide:

  • Iron;
  • Calcium;
  • Proteins;

Good to know: the milk is also a debate. Is it really a product which should be consumed after weaning your infant?


Rice and pasta


To allow the child to stay awake waiting for lunch or dinner, the carbohydrates at breakfast or snack is needed. They slowly enter the body and provide a prolonged feeling of satiety.

It is therefore advisable to consume:

  • Whole wheat bread;
  • Rice;
  • Pasta;
  • Lenses;
  • Oatmeal

Good to know: also avoid snacks between meals. Recall that it is one of the main factors of obesity in children. The candy cabinet remains prohibited without food!


Meat and fish


From a certain age, the child can eat a little meat in reasonable quantities..

To ensure effective action of proteins in the body, it is important to focus on quality over quantity. The proteins act on:

  • The cells making up the skin and muscles;
  • Immune system;
  • Hormones


Bread and cereals


Essential contributions are the goal of the meals of a child. Thus, it is not recommended to outlaw sugar, but it should be consumed in reasonable quantities.

To ensure an adequate carbohydrate intake, complex and simple sugars, such as whole meal bread or 30g of cereals, food supplements may allow the child to hold until the next meal.

In addition:

  • Bread and cereals bring energy
  • They allow the brain to function

Fruit or juice


Fruits and fruit juices remain essential to the proper development of the child. Fresh fruits and pure juices are preferred.

Every day, eat fruits! They are:

  • Rich in vitamin C;
  • Rich in minerals


The water


Even if it is accompanied by milk or juice, healthy and frequent hydration is essential from an early age. The child spends every day playing and should drink plenty of water.

At the age of 10 years, the average weight of a child is 30 kg. He needs to drink 1 L of water per day besides the water contained in the rest of the diet.

Fun ways to make a child drink happily:

  • Choose a colored glass;
  • Add a straw;
  • Opt for "sport caps" to drink from the bottle;
  • Lead by example




Iron is the substance that carries oxygen in the blood to the body's cells and fibers promote good digestion. During growth and even throughout life, they are essential to fuel muscles and brain and maintain a healthy body.

To avoid deficiencies, the child's menu includes foods rich in iron from:

  • Broccoli;
  • Spinach;
  • Chickpeas;
  • Lenses;
  • Peas

Good to know: “5 fruits and vegetables a day.” This adage is especially true for children. For them, they should eat no only sweets and pasta, but also the vitamins and minerals needed for growth.


Foods to avoid

The child should not choose his meals. It is also not advisable to leave the snack during the day. However, it is not always easy to prevent excesses. To prevent weight gain, you should promote regular physical activity and limit sugars.

Foods to avoid:

  • The low-sugar products are false friends;
  • Soda, chocolate drinks, flavored beverages;
  • Sweets "seen on TV" that contain too much fat.
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