6 essential things to bring to the beach for the whole family

It is no doubt that coming to the beach is one of the best choices for summer holiday. Your family will have wonderful time by going in for outdoor activities together and enjoying bright sunlight. However you may wonder that which items you should bring to make sure the convenience for the whole family but still not too bulky.

Here are some suggestions for you.

1.      Sunscream

People are likely to enjoy sunshine, especially in summer. It is true that sunshine can improve vitamin D synthesis in your body, but if you stay too long under the sun, it can bring negative consequences. In summer, sunshine is more intense than usual, staying too long outside can induce sunburn or even skin cancer in long term. Fortunately, sunscream can prevent this. Always remember to bring sunscream to the beach to protect skin from sun damage. You should also buy different sunscream for you and your kids because children skin is more sensitive. My family have tried many types of sunscreams and we see that Eltamd sunscream is really good, it can protect our skin under the sun effectively. You can get more information about it from amazon 

2.      Sunglasses

As mentioned above, sun damage in summer is fairly dangerous. It puts negative effect not only on your skin but also on your eyes. Direct contact with sun can reduce eyesight or even make you feel dizzy. You should wear sunglasses when coming to the beach to protect health of the whole family. It can prevent wrinkles around your eyes and make you look cooler. Health and beauty, kill two birds with one arrow, isn’t it?

3.      Chappals

Walking bare foot on the beach and feel the smooth of the sand may be your dream summer vacation. It is the fact that the sand is really hot under the heat of the sun in the summer. One more thing is seashell on the beach may injure you if you are not careful. Therefore, bring chappals for the whole family, especially your kids, they are much more naughty and active than us.

4.      Bikini

It is not called “a summer holiday” without colorful bikini. You can easily find bikini in store on the beach, but the price is usually higher. Therefore, you can spend weekend shopping with your family to find multiform bikini with appropriate price. It is also so funny, right?

5.      Kaftan shirt

Your whole family may look really hot and so “summer” in bikini, but staying all day long on the beach with bikini only is not very convenient. You should bring kaftan shirt and wear it if you need to go to restaurant for lunch. Then, you can quickly take it off to enjoy swimming under the water. It is really convenient and it can save time for the whole family.

6.      Carpet

After hours walking and playing on the beach, the moment that the whole family rest together is so meaningful. You can bring a carpet and some food so that the whole family can sit together, talk about a happy day and enjoy delicious meal. You can easily find special carpet in supermarket, so don’t forget to bring it if you want to have meaningful moments with your family.

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