5 tips for a positive first impression

A positive first impression is extremely important, for example, in a job interview. But when you are nervous, you're often not on the right track. With the following tips, you can really score in the first meeting.
Why is the first impression so important?
The first impression is crucial. Without knowing it, you can let your interlocutor judge about yourself after a few minutes. You will be friendly, shy, pleasant or impulsive based on the first few minutes of the conversation. The first impression is formed based on 7% of what you say during the interview, 38% through your pitch and your voice and 55% through body language. So, it is not what you say, but your actions and your behavior that determine your first impression.
Do you get a second chance after a bad first impression?
A perfect first impression is not always necessary. A bad feeling on a date may just be a sign that there is no click between both of you. Then you can just tell him or her that you feel butterflies in your stomach at the time. After this honest statement, you will notice very quickly that your partner has the sense to agree. And you may get a second chance.
5 tips for a positive and memorable first impression
Well prepared
In the first meeting, you should give a firm but not painful handshake. Please note that your hand is not wet with sweat. This would be a total letdown. When looking at someone, you should smile. It shows that you feel good about yourself and that you like to interact with other people. On the conversations, if there are topics that you absolutely know nothing about, do not lie. You can indicate in advance that you have not searched for that subject. No one will stare at you because you do not say anything during the interview then.
Be yourself
Be yourself no matter what other people think. Do the things that fit you well. If you're very easygoing, you can interact with other people and in this way, your easygoing personality can be expressed the best.
Give an occasional compliment, but do not overdo
In the first meeting and conversation, you can occasionally give a compliment. In this way, you can win some sympathy. The person who receives your compliments will be charmed by your thoughtful comments but never exaggerate and make opaque compliments. It is recommended to say positive things regularly. It brings a positive atmosphere to the conversation and makes everyone feels comfortable.
Show interest in your partner
Show interest in your partner is more important than constantly talking about yourself. Many people think that they have to talk a lot about themselves. Remember to show your interest in others and let them know that you are genuinely listening and interested. A helpful tip is to look straight into the partner's eyes.
Be open about yourself
At first, make a good introduction of yourself, obviously not too much, but your partner should feel that you are open, and you want to share certain things from now on. Obviously, do not say bizarre things and focus on positive statements. Someone who is open is usually very confident. He has nothing to hide and, therefore, is very happy to share with others.
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